Tavex AB financial services

Working with money is becoming more and more challenging and all of us at Tavex appreciate this. Therefore, we do everything to make your foreign exchanges, your money transfers to Estonia, Finland and Sweden, Your cash withdrawals (also with postväxlar) and your investment in physical gold bars and coins as simple, economical and enjoyable as possible.

Our customers appreciate that we treat them warmly as important individuals instead of like figures written on a page.

For those of you working with large sums of money often, we offer loyal customer advantages in terms of speed and discounts off of our already super competitive rates. If you are wondering why gold has become the place where people go to protect their investments, or are interested in buying or selling investment gold, yet don’t know where to or how to, look no further.

We have a staff of experts that can help you with everything from a formal “golden” consultation right up to help in picking out the right golden baptism present. We have been in the Stockholm Area now for five successful years and have built a loyal client base which we would love for you to join.

Please feel free to visit us in our office, conveniently located across the street from Birger Jarls Passagen at Smålandsgatan 9, 111 46 Stockholm. You are also welcome to call us at 08 678 2030 or to visit our website and internet shop at www.tavex.se .

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