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The Estonian Foreign Minister, Marina Kaljurand, has awarded Peeter Aspe for his long-time and successful management of ESCC and improving business relations between Estonia and Sweden. At the ESCC and Estonian Embassy´s Christmas event Ambassador Merle Pajula handed over the award to Peeter.


The ESCC annual meeting made the following decisions on 19th of March 2015.
The Auditor of the Chamber, Jaan Kubja from Ernst & Young AB, presented the Auditor’s report and recommendation to discharge the Board from liability regarding the year 2014. The Meeting decided according to the Auditor’s recommendation and discharges the Board from liability regarding [...]


The exemption from corporate income tax (CIT), a special characteristic of Estonia, attracts foreign entrepreneurs to register companies in Estonia. Estonian entrepreneurs in turn are acting more and more actively in foreign countries while trying to retain a minimal tax burden. This is why it is important to note that the profit of a company [...]


E-residency: explanations about the functioning of e-residency in Estonia
From December of this year foreigners are able to apply for the digital identity card of an e-resident of Estonia without an Estonian habitual residence. A digital identity card (digital-ID) allows to use Estonian public and private services, provide digital signatures to documents and encrypt files with [...]


HELSINGBORG Publicerad 15 december 2013 kl. 04:00
Några frågor till Anders Bengtsson, vd på Stenströms skjortfabrik, med anledning av att företaget belönats av estniska staten.
Vad är det för ett pris ni har fått?
– Det är ett nytt pris som estniska ambassaden och Estnisk-svenska handelskammaren i Stockholm har instiftat. Motiveringen till priset kan väl översättas med “bästa [...]


Dear members and friends,
Please find below the ESCC November newsletter with our upcoming events, presentation of our newest business member and invitations from our partners.
ELMIA Subcontractor 2013

Elmia Subcontractor is Northern Europe’s leading trade show for subcontractors in the manufacturing industry and their customers – a genuine specialist fair for product development [...]


Eesti suurim eksporditurg on Rootsi, saabunud otseinvesteeringute mahust kuulub samuti kolmandik Rootsi kapitalile. Eesti kasuks räägivad geograafiline asukoht, maksu- ja õiguskeskkond ning madalad tööjõukulud. Rootsi suunalisest ekspordist moodustab üle poole masinate ja mehhaaniliste seadmete väljavedu. Selle taga on ennekõike Eestis tootmist omavad väliskontsernid, sh suurimaks eksportijaks tõusnud miljardifirma Ericsson Eesti AS. Kuidas on aga seis [...]


Talking about export is all well and good, argues businessman Hillar Lauri, but despite official statistics there are very few “real Estonian companies” exporting to Sweden, the biggest and most affluent export market within spitting distance of Estonia.


Prime Minister Andrus Ansip met with Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt and opened the Swedish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce in Stockholm, today. At the meeting of the prime ministers, topical issues concerning the European Union and energy policy were discussed.

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