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Estival 2013
In 2013 Estonia will celebrate 95 years from the declaration of independence – by no means an easy and insignificant milestone in the history of this tiny land.

In order to pay tribute in Sweden to 95 years from the inception of the Republic of Estonia, the local Estonian community has joined forces and is organising a cultural festival which takes place in February 15-17, 2013 in various locations in central Stockholm. This celebration is called Estival – a cultural tradition which was started 30 years ago in Gothenburg.

The focal event of Estival will take place on February 16, 2013 in the most glamorous conference centre in Stockholm called Waterfront. In addition to local celebrities with Estonian roots (Kristian Luuk, Andres Lokko, Kristjan Lootus just to name a few), Estonian President - Mr Toomas Hendrik Ilves - has also affirmed his participation. Concerts, theatrical performances and exhibitions are in preparation – see for a more detailed program or visit Estival on Facebook. Estival is a registered non-profit organisation (föreningen) and partly self-financed by entrance fees to individual events. Partly we have received donations from the Republic of Estonia, local organizations in Sweden and even the Estonian World Council (founded by Estonians in exile during the occupation by the Soviet Union). Swedbank AB has promised to become the main sponsor of Estival. More information at
Past events    
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