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ESCC Season Ending Summer Reception
ESCC Season Ending Summer Reception took place on 11.06.2013 at the Estonian Embassy. The reception was opened by Chairman Mr Peeter Aspe and continued with the seminar "Use it – or lose it. Why communication matters when doing cross cultural business." Special guest and speaker for the evening was Henrik Kolga, experienced communications expert with the past in both large companies as well as an external communications adviser. The evening ended with the business networking and mingle at the sunny terrace garden.
Mr Kolga talked about developing and implementing successful PR plans and activities in order to achieve wished image in cross cultural business situations and enriched the content with plenty of international examples and some cases from his past where the communication has had great impact.
The session was warmed up on focusing the importance of the reputation: how to avoid doing wrong things and handle difficult situations and thereafter gave examples of well managed everyday situations and activities in order to increase reputation.
Thereafter, based on three business cases, practical overview was given on how to fine tune the communication and move from: Hostility to sympathy; Prejudice to acceptance and Ignorance to knowledge. Audience learned about how to develop and achieve knowledge, consciousness and confidence via creating the right message and bringing the message out by activating different communication tools incl. lobbing and creating public opinion. The session highlighted the importance of creating “Local PR” due to the barriers in language, culture, media landscape, attitude and interest.
Seminar ended with Q &A session amongst them the importance of social media and other new communication channels and tools within PR. For those interested to learn more abut the topic, please feel free to contact Mr Kloga via Narva Communications AB.
On behalf of ESCC we would like to thank all cooperation partners, sponsors, members and guests for empowering the season and welcome you back in the autumn.
Past events    
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