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Navigating out of the Gloom – Why Emerging and Frontier Markets Remain Attractive
The guest speaker was Mr Stefano Grace the General Counsel at East Capital Explorer AB. East Capital is one of the world’s largest asset manager specialising in rapidly expanding sectors in Eastern Europe.

The subject of his presentation was “Navigating out of the Gloom – Why Emerging and Frontier Markets Remain Attractive”

Mr Grace talked about investment climate and economic outlook for Baltics, Russia and other emerging markets in Eastern Europe and shared his latest experiences while doing business in the region.

Selected points out of the programme: - Growing investor pessimism for Emerging/BRIC markets - Recent GDP developments (Baltic's, Russia, Turkey, C3) - Risks, tapering/domestic (political) risks, - Outlook in the region - Positive fundamentals in the region (incl. Baltics) - Opportunities that keep the region attractive - Examples from recent experiences

The event was held at Estonian Embassy, Tyrgatan 3/3a, Stockholm, 23 October 11.30 -13.00.

Past events    
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