Annual Meeting 2011

On March 16th the Chamber held its Annual Meeting. 10 persons who were present represented 27 members. The Meeting was chaired by Peeter Aspe, chairman of the board, with Taave Vahermägi as appointed secretary. After some formalia the participants could listen to the activities and economic reports given by Rein Malm and Ivar Veskioja, the treasurer. The meeting could notice that the Chamber has grown with 8 business members and 6 private members.

The board was thereafter discharged from liability regarding the previous year. The new board was elected and consists now of Peeter Aspe, Hele Karja, Mango Kask, Kadri Land, Rein Malm, Taave Vahermägi and Ivar Veskioja. Peeter Aspe was elected as chairman. Auditor remains Jaan Kubja. Also Marianne Raidna and Mart Maandi will continue their duties as members of the Election Committee.

The meeting also decided to confirm the decision from last years Annual Meeting, regarding the ratification of the new statutes of the Chamber. The new statutes differ from the previous ones mainly on two points. The institution of Advisory Board is now abolished as well as the need for 2/3 quorum for the Annual Meeting.

After the formal end of the meeting the participants could enjoy a glass of wine/beer and some delicious snacks from the Eesti Maja restaurant Ester.

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