Seminar “Do Business with the Baltic States.”

The seminar ‘Do Business with the Baltic States’ took place on 18.03.2014  and was hosted by the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with Swedish Estonian Chamber of Commerce, Estonian Swedish Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise Estonia, Investment and Development Agency of Latvia and Commercial Attaché Office of the Embassy of Lithuania in Stockholm and Swedish Chambers of Commerce in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

Bengt Dennis – the former governor of Riksbanken, Sweden’s Central Bank, and nowadays a senior advisor at East Capital – commenced the seminar and gave an overview of the successful economic development during the past 20 years in the Baltics and stressed the need to increase the competitiveness in all countries in order to continue the success story.

Anders Rune – chief economist at Teknikföretagen, a lobby- and employers’ organization for 3.600 Swedish engineering companies – continued and gave an overview of Swedish companies already doing business in the Baltics.

The following three speakers; Claes Mellgren – AQ Group/AQ Lasertool, Kent Petersson – Dinair Filton, and Ingrid Schuster – Sweco, all represented Swedish companies being active in the Baltic States since quite some years. All three speakers agreed that doing business in the Baltics has been and still is profitable, despite snags and problems in the beginning.

The seminar was rounded up by Annette Magnusson from the Swedish Arbitration Institute at the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, who presented the Institute and their international experiences.

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