The “Best Benefactor” award

On the 9th of December Stenströms Skjortfabrik AB was rewarded as a top benefactor among Swedish companies operating in Estonia by the Estonian Embassy in Stockholm and Estonian-Swedish Chamber of Commerce.

Stenströms Skjortfabrik AB has a long and steady contribution to Estonia Ågrenska Foundation which helps children with disabilities or chronic illnesses and their families.With about 60 guest attendancies at the Estonian Embassy the company’s CEO Anders Bengtsson received the award. In his acceptance speech Bengtsson reminded about his national service in Sweden where he first met children who needed help. He promised himself to do everything in his power to help them.

Stenströms AB was founded in 1899 as a producer of quality menswear. They have already been over ten years in Estonia and today they provide employment for about 80 people. Thanks to their high quality and personal production, the company has long been able to call itself Royal purveyor.

Last year Estonia Ågrenska Foundation (EAF) was celebrating its 10th anniversary. It is Sweden Ågrenska Foundation first daughter Fund. This year Sweden Ågrenska Foundation celebrates its 100th anniversary and 25 years of re-founding. The foundation’s patron in Sweden is Queen Silvia of Sweden and in Estonia Mrs Evelin Ilves.

On EAFS 10-year celebration Stenströms Skjortfabrik AB donated 50000 euro to the EAF.

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