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Exclusive visit to Epicenter, Stockholm's first home of digital innovation

The hosts and speakers will be Mart Maasik, director of the SEB Innovation LAB and Ola Ahlvarsson, co-founder of Epicenter. Olu will introduce us to Epicenter, Stockholm’s first digital House of Innovation which is at the heart of Sweden’s digital landscape. Epicenter hosts innovation labs, which is also where Mart runs SEBs innovation program. The collaboration between SEB and Epicenter provides a unique environment for cross-fertilisation of ideas and a much faster development of new products and services, that could otherwise be achieved in single-industry environments. Mart will provide insight into how corporations and start-ups work differently and what they can learn from each other as well as how to measure innovation and why SEB has chosen to do it in this LAB. Ola will explain the philosophy and background to Epicenter, and how in the new digital era, speed and collaboration have become much more important, in order to maintain or develop a competitive advantage.

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