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Past Events

Visit to Riksbanken

On August 29 we had the opportunity to visit Riksbanken, for an introduction and overview of the e-krona project, as well as a tour. Turns out that Sveriges Riksbank is the world's oldest national bank, beating the English by 20 years!

Our tour was gracefully organised by Ann-Leena Mikiver, Communications Director. The presentation on the e-krona project was given by Gabriela Guibourg, Director, Payments department.

"The Swedish payment market is going through a very rapid digitalisation process. The demand and use of cash is among the lowest in the world. The cashless society is no longer an hypothetical possibility in a distant future. What is driving this development? What can the Riksbank do in this situation?"

It was a fascinating presentation and very lively and fun event, that culminated in traditional Swedish varm korv and a glass of wine. We were joined by our friends from the Lithuanian Professionals in Stockholm and member of the Latvian community.

Unfortunately, due the regulations surrounding Riksbank, we cannot publish any photos from the event.

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