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1Office is an accounting and business services company. They support entrepreneurs starting a business in a foreign country with local know-how and help them through the registration process making sure they don't miss any necessary operations.

Amoniac OÜ

We develop web services and startups using the Ruby ON Rails and Golang. Currently, we have seventeen full-time staff members, and we offer a complete range of services, from formulating technical Specifications of the future project to providing final recommendations about working with the service.


Bavia Yacht AB

Bavia Yacht AB is one of Sweden's biggest boat dealers importing sail- and motorboats. Four sales offices in Sweden represent trademarks like Bavaria, Greenline, Silver Marine and Egemar. Sister company in Estonia developes and constructs sailboats Diva and Campus


Bookwise & Co AB

Bookwise & Co is a consulting company specialised in accounting as “the language of business.” We speak the dialect of management accounting and financial accounting. We’ll also help you to start up your business in Sweden. So hop on – let’s take a ride.


Credit Industriel Et Commercial SA

CIC is the fourth largest banking group in France, consisting of seven regional banks which operate across France through a network of 1,844 branches employing 24,000 staff. CIC's customer base includes 2.7 million retail clients.


DSV Transport AS

DSV is a global supplier of transport and logistics services. DSV has offices in more than 60 countries all over the world. Together with partners and agents, DSV offer services in more than 110 countries, making DSV a truly global player.


Aktiebolaget Eesti Maja - Estniska Huset

Estniska Huset i Stockholm  finns på Wallingatan 32-34, på bara någon minuts promenadavstånd från T-Centralen.

Ferrox AB

Ferrox AB is a company with solid experience and knowledge in the metallurgical industry. Ferrox works on the international market. The customers are spread across many countries. Head office and manufacturing plant is located in Grythyttan.


Granitop OÜ

GRANITOP manufactures, sells and installs countertops in granite, marble and quartz (composite stone) for kitchens and bathrooms according to your wishes. We also manufacture window sills, steps and many other products for both individuals and companies in Sweden and other European countries.


HRX Sverige AB

HRX is a Finnish company founded in 1988, specialising in international package delivery. HRX's success has been achieved by focusing on delivering packages throughout the Baltic region. HRX offers the fastest, most flexible and precise cargo transportation throughout the Baltic region, including Finland, Poland, Sweden and Russia.


Hjelm & Grüner AB

Hjelm & Grüner AB works mainly with biofuel. We have delivered lumber based products to our customers since 1994.



HME was established in 2007 with an aim to offer high quality complex services in the field of mechanics: from the customer’s idea to our realisation. 


Innopolis Insenerid OÜ

Innopolis Insenerid is a full-service civil engineering company. We offer architectural, structural, HVAC, electrical and all other designs for buildings in Scandinavia.


KSM Construction AB

We conduct professional concrete and steel projects. Our business comprises delivery and assembly of prefabricated concrete and steel elements. We offer qualified services by competent and qualified personnel and a large number of certified quality products.


Leinonen Sweden AB

Leinonen offers accounting and business administration services in 10 countries - Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Ukraine and Russia (St. Petersburg and Moscow).


Lindeberg Vision AB

Architects and property finance officers.


Maru Ehitus AS

AS Maru Ehitus an experienced and reliable partner for design and construction services at all stages and in various forms throughout Europe, with active subsidiaries in Sweden, Finland and Latvia.


Miltton Labs AB

Miltton Labs is part of the Miltton Group, one of the largest communications agencies in the Nordics with over 250 employees and a revenue of about 23 million euros.


We have offices in Stockholm, Helsingfors, Tallinn and Brussels.


Nevotex AB

Nevotex is region's largest wholesaler of cloth, leather and upholstery materials to upholsterers and furniture industry. We sell fabrics, skins and wide range of products to manufacture or renovate furniture.


Aktsiaselts Nordic Aviation Group

The goal of Nordic Aviation Group AS (Nordica) is to ensure availability of the flight connections that Estonia needs. Nordic Aviation Group AS is owned entirely by the Republic of Estonia. In addition to Nordic Aviation Group AS, the parent company, the subsidiaries Regional Jet OÜ (Xfly) and Nordic Aviation Advisory OÜ also belong to the group.


Pedrobeat AS/ Pedrobeat Lighting Company

PBLC Nordic is the lighting branch of the Estonian company Pedrobeat AS, which was established in 1994. In 2011 Pedrobeat started its lighting division by becoming a distributor of outdoor and industrial lighting on the Northern European market. To increase competitiveness and localisation, in 2017 Pedrobeat started its own EU-based assembly unit, something that has grown to the scale of becoming a manufacturer in 2019. With offices in Sweden and Estonia, and the manufacturing unit in Latvia, PBLC Nordic provides a strong portfolio of products for outdoor, industrial and commercial use.


Ramberg Advokater AB

Ramberg Advokater is a business law firm with cutting edge expertise within several legal areas and solid industry knowledge. Our clients are corporations as well as regional and municipal authorities. We focus on our client´s best interest and business operation. Our advice shall always add to the success of our client’s business.


Rein Malm Consulting AB

RM Consulting and Partners helps companies to develop visions, strategies and objectives into tactics, milestones and activities.

Scandhof Communication with text-01 (1)_.png

Scandhof AB

We serve the needs of companies in a public or corporate setting. We do this through active and engaging public relations and public affairs methods. We offer a range of both classical and innovative services within PR & PA.



Standard is one of the longest-running trademarks in Estonia, which started producing and selling furniture 75 years ago. By now, Standard has grown into an international master brand leading the way in creating modern business environments. In most cases, our customers are international hotel chains and offices who want their guests and employees to have the perfect conditions to spend time away from home. With 3 factories and 220 employees in Estonia we are exporting to more than 25 countries.


Swedbank AB

Swedbank is the leading bank in Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Swedbank offers a full range of financial services for private individuals, corporates and organisations. Swedbank operates also in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Western Russia, Luxembourg, Ukraine, USA, China and Japan.


Tallink Silja Sverige AB

Tallink Grupp is the market leader in cruising and passenger transportation between Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Germany and a significant shipping company in freight transportation on the Baltic Sea.


Tarx Design & Bygg AB

Tarx Design & Bygg AB is a construction company established in 2014 whose main areas of activity include the performance of construction and reconstruction works of buildings and general contracting.


Trading House Scandinavia AB

Trading House is the parent company in a textile group operating in Sweden, the Baltic States, Poland, Germany and China. The Group is one of Scandinavia's foremost players in the sector for the manufacture of bed quilts, pillows, cushions and other polyether and polyester filled products.


Tuningstyle / Fordon Sadelmakeri

High quality upholstery services for everyone – from a simple car seat repair to cruise vessel interiors. Growing list of loyal customers is the result of skillful staff with more than 20 years of experience.

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