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Chairman and board members

Rika Torm

Rika is the Ground Operations Manager for TUI Fly Nordic and TUI Airways Nordic Stations. She moved to Sweden in the early 90s, but grew up in Estonia, where she also graduated from Tallinn University. She was elected chairman of the board of the Estonian Swedish Chamber of Commerce in March 2018.

Chairman of the board

Heli Lango-Nylund

Heli works as an event manager at Talaförmedlingen, which is Sweden’s leading conference speaker marketplace. Born in Estonia, she has studied philology at Tartu University and interior architecture at Euro Academy. Living in Sweden since 2006, she has been previously involved with the ESCC from 2012-2016 as office manager.

Member of the board

Christa Torm

Christa holds the position of Country Manager (Sweden) at the Estonian Investment Agency. She has been working with Estonian-Swedish trade and investment relations for the past eight years. Born in Estonia, she has lived in Sweden since age 6. She has a degree in political science and certified studies in business management.

Member of the board

Ats Joorits

Head of Service Quality Management, Tallink Group.

Ats joined Tallink Group in 2006 as a Product Manager. As of 2007 worked as the Vice Managing Director for Tallink Silja AB and since 2015 is the Head of Service Quality Management for Tallink Group. Prior to Tallink he was employed by the US Government media outlet The Voice of America, in Washington, DC. He holds a Master’s Degree in Tourism Management from The George Washington University in Washington, DC.

Member of the board

Piret Ree

Piret is the representative of Estonia's premier furniture manufacturer, Standard, in Scandinavia. She is a graduate of the University of Tallinn with a degree in philology.

Member of the board

J.Margus Klaar

Margus is a founding partner of Brand Manual and the CEO of Brand Manual in Stockholm. He's a Swiss-Swedish-Canadian-Estonian with over 25 years of experience in strategic marketing and communication. He's an author of the service design book "How to have your cake and it eat it too" and a frequent speaker at marketing and service design conferences.

Member of the board

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